REVIEW: One Street Over by Kimberly Biller


Sissy is at it again….telling stories about her childhood that would make anyone cringe at the apparent dysfunction of her family, yet one could not help but laugh at the absurdity of it all. This book is a prequel to The Tree in the Front Yard by Kimberly Biller.

The story is written in Southern Appalachian vernacular and is told from a precocious 11-year-old girl’s perspective. She weaves a wild tale from what she sees and hears in her new neighborhood, which is only one street over from her previous home. Sissy’s family moves around quite frequently and she finds herself caught up in the constant drama of her parent’s unhappy relationship. She soon finds herself face-to-face with more tragedy than a young girl should have to endure.

Along the way, Sissy reveals her feelings of betrayal from Mother Nature who has a twisted sense of humor. She struggles with her emerging femininity and the negative attention it creates. This reader could really empathize with Sissy’s confusing world as she traverses rural Appalachia with her family searching for the truth of it all. I could not help but laugh out loud at Sissy’s description of all the country churches they attended. Although the book ends with Sissy’s acceptance of her new surroundings, the story does not end , but continues on in The Tree in the Front Yard.

Both copies can be found at the links below:

This reader gives both books 5 stars for originality!

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  1. Thank you so much for you amazing review. The fact you summarized this book to the exact is a blessing. You have a wonderful way with your reviews. Thanks so much. Kim


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